Digital Dentistry Made Simple

Digital Dentistry Starts with an intraoral Scanner

ScanUp is a simple and complete digital dentistry ecosystem brought to you by  Desktop Health. It starts with an intraoral scanner and can go as far as you want to take it - all with one partner.
Engineered to be portable, fast and intuitive, your iTero Element Flex CPO Intraoral Scanner empowers you to improve efficiency and visualize a better practice. Even better: your iTero is Invisalign®-capable.
Accurate Scans
Clinical Visibility
Digital Adoption

Intraoral scanning technology delivers proven benefits

Practically Perfect in Every Way
  • Reduced chair time
  • More predictable case planning and delivery
  • Fewer adjustments and remakes
  • Digitally enhances visibility to aid in preparation and clinical analysis
  • Digital impressions are repairable, unlike a bubble on the margin that needs a second impression
  • "Significantly higher patient perception and comfort compared to traditional impressions" - Frontiers in Pediatrics (2023)
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Our technology connects you to an efficient, digital workflow

Fast, accurate patient scans

With your trusted iTero intraoral scanner
Upload scans in seconds
Using the Desktop Labs platform
Order services
Restorations, Removables, Appliances
US-based digital lab consultants
Directly communicate with experienced lab professionals
Choose your delivery option
Your final product delivered to you, or receive a digital file for 3D printing chairside

High precision, compact technology

Meet Your iTero Element™ Flex CPO 

iTero Element™ Flex CPO is engineered to deliver everything that doctors love about iTero scanners in a compact footprint, with even bigger capabilities.

  • Industry-standard imaging technology uses optical laser scanning to achieve high precision and accuracy.
  • 14 million* iTero restoration cases to date, from crowns and bridges, implants to dentures, and more
  • 66.4 million* iTero orthodontic cases

*Data on file at Align Technology, as of September 30, 2022

Powerful, Continuous Scanning

iTero Element™ Flex CPO is engineered to give you freedom of care, enhanced for both restorative and orthodontic workflows, with stunning and precise imaging and a sleek, powerful scanner.

  • Enhance your clinical view in vibrant color and visualization.
  • Patient scans can be completed in as little as 1-minute with the iTero 1.5 software upgrade
  • The iTero Element intraoral scanner is engineered to capture 6,000 frames per second*

*Data on file at Align Technology, as of November 7, 2018

ScanUp connects you to highly profitable, performance products

Industry Leading Technology

Our dedicated chemists and bioengineers have been revolutionizing dentistry for years, and we're just getting started.

With faster turnaround and lower cost per print, digital products deliver high profitability and the performance you rely on.

With over 800k digital prosthetics printed to date, Flexcera delivers a reliable and durable product that takes your dentistry and patient experience to the next level.

Regulatory Approved Flexcera

Available as Flexcera Smile Ultra+ for permanent and temporary restorations in six natural tooth shades and Flexcera Base Ultra+ for removable dentures and partials in five natural shades.

Fight The Bite

Protect your patient's smiles with the perfect blend of strength and comfort with our premium SmileGuard dental resin.

Coupled with strength and comfort, SmileGuard offers a lower cost per print, so you can give your patients two guards to take home - for the price of one conventionally made device.

3D Printed Smile Guard - ScanUP dental labs community

When you're ready to ScanUp to the next level

ScanUp is a Complete Digital Dentistry Ecosystem

Brought to you by Desktop Health, ScanUp is Digital Dentistry Made Simple™. We’ve reimagined the digital dentistry journey for general practitioners looking to simplify the adoption process. ScanUp enables dentists to go digital – affordably – in partnership with a network of premium dental laboratories that specialize in both analog and digital workflows. 

A key component of the program is certified training and education that empowers dentists to go digital at their own pace, while receiving white-glove customer service, customized case planning, and dedicated technical support from our member dental labs. Full-service offerings from crown and bridge, to night guards and splints, to implant solutions and removables – all just a phone call away to trusted laboratories serving the dental community since 1934.

How ScanUp Works

You drive the pace of adoption. We're here to make it easy by ensuring the pieces of the digital workflow work together. ScanUp is your one-stop shop for all technology support, service, and education through the entire digital workflow. 
Try Us Out!
Give our lab a try with a sample. Once you see how great our work is, sign up for a scanner subscription that pays for itself with lab services. 


Your digital dentistry journey starts with your Invisalign®-capable iTero intraoral scanner. Patients won't miss the gooey stuff, and they'll love how it modernizes your practice.


It only takes a scanner and our ScanUp Lab Network to start growing your offering of profitable analog + digital products. Patients love their fit, look, and ease of replacement.

3D Print

When you're ready, we recommend getting a 3D printer paired with our design services. You send us the data, we send back print-ready files! We support the printer, resins, and applications.


Wow, you're ready for the big time now. When you or your staff are ready to take on design services with Exocad, we're ready to help you get started. We recommend starting with easier cases, like mouth guards, first.


Once you master design for all products and 3D printing in-house, you're a digital dentist pro! This is when you can help share what you've learned with your great success with the ScanUp community.

Chairside 3D Printing

When you're ready, we recommend getting started with a 3D printer paired with our design services. You send us the data, we send you back print-ready design files! We support the printer, resins, and applications.

Dental Digital Design technicians and help

You Scan, We Design

Scan and send us your digital case files - and we’ll design for you. From crown & bridge, to night guards, implant solutions and more, we are your dedicated design partners for an efficient workflow.

Start Your Digital Journey With ScanUp

We're more than an intraoral scanner subscription program.

Grow your business and digital dentistry education with just 20* crowns per month.

When you sign up, you'll receive an iTero Element™ Flex CPO intraoral scanner and a certified training experience to get started. Your iTero is Invisalign®-capable.
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